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What is the difference between ad networks and ad exchanges?

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Many people in the media industry have frequently asked the difference between ad networks and ad exchanges.

An ad network also known as advertising network is an organization that connects publisher websites that would like to display advertisements with advertisers who would like to deliver advertisements. Generally ad networks deliver their inventory through the use of a centralized ad server. The advertising network displays advertisements from an ad server, which responds to a website once a page is called. Large ad networks consist of media companies, technology corporations, and search engines.

Ad exchanges are platforms for buying and selling online inventory commonly known to many as ad impressions. Ad exchanges are extremely useful to buyers and sellers because it enables advertisers, agencies and publishers to buy and sell their ad impressions. MyAdMarket is an ad exchange that consists of more than 10 active ad networks. Some features of the MyAdMarket ad exchange are the wide variety of ad formats to choose from, an auction-like based bidding system for advertisers, click fraud detection and prevention technology, various detailed reporting tools, daily unique IP cap, ROI tracking, contextual targeting, geographical targeting, automated email and payment system.

Unsold Traffic

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Unsold traffic or otherwise known as unsold inventory is an impression from your publishers’ sites or network partners’ sites that has not been monetized. Our ad system count ads that do not get displayed as unsold traffic. You can utilize your unsold traffic to setup default ads to help promote your own website along with other products or services your company may offer. You can also use your default ads to drive traffic to other websites or blogs as well.

To view the unsold traffic please follow the steps below:
Billing Menu->Network Admin Fee->Network Sales Traffic Report

Below is an example of the total unsold traffic in your ad network:


Another useful resource that can show unsold traffic in greater detail is the Ad Format Traffic Report. You can search for all the different ad sizes that you have on your network so that you can figure out what ad types and sizes your network needs. For instance, if you have a high volume of unsold traffic for full banner ad size then you will need to obtain full banner ads to minimize your unsold traffic.

To view the unsold traffic for a specific ad format please follow the steps below:
Reports Menu->Publisher Traffic Reports->Site Traffic By Ad Format->Select Date and Ad Format

Below is an example of the ad format traffic report:


Country Traffic Report

Friday, July 24th, 2009

The country traffic report is important to the ad system users when they are able to see how much sold and unsold traffic their network has by each country.
Ad system users can now learn how to utilize the data from the report to earn more profit from our ad system.

1. Through this report, the ad system user can see the amount of sold or unsold country traffic by each ad format.

a. Please take a moment to look over the image below. In this report, you can see that there is a high amount of sold traffic but less of unsold traffic. This means the network has high demand for US traffic. So the ad system user may need to contact publishers to increase the US traffic volume or negotiate with the websites which has high US traffic volume.


b. Please take a moment to look over the image below. In this report, you can see the number of US unsold traffic is higher than that of US sold traffic. This means that the ad system user does not have enough US campaigns. So the ad system clients need to add more campaigns targeted to US.


2. This report can also help the publisher to optimize their traffic and maximize their earnings. Please take a look at the image below. We notice that this publisher site has 1881 sold Iran traffic and 4158 unsold Iran traffic. In this case, the ad system user can target some suitable IR campaigns to their sites. If the network does not have enough Iran campaigns, the ad system user can limit the Iran traffic or set the default ads.


New Feature Added

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Another great feature recently added to our platform is that publishers can now get the IFrame ad code from our system. Please follow the steps listed below if you wish to use IFrame instead of JavaScript.

1. Banner ads in publisher area
2. Login Publisher Panel
3. Click on Get Code
4. Under Action heading click on Get Code button
5. Follow the wizard and enter or select the necessary information.
6. On the last page of the Get Code wizard you will be able to copy and paste the IFRAME Code.

Setting up direct site buys from your own sites in the platform. You can place campaigns only on a select site you prefer. To do this, please follow these steps:
Create a campaign, without selecting any keywords or channels and do not turn on RON After creating the campaign, target the site to the campaign in the admin settings for the campaign.

Next, in the publisher site settings in admin, under the section “Ads Selection” select “Ads target this site only” from the dropdown menu.

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eCPM and Campaign Auto-Optimization

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

One highly beneficial tool available to you on MyAdMarket’s ad serving exchange is the campaign Auto-Optimization feature. The system determines traffic quality automatically through eCPM optimization, for example, if an advertiser selects the “auto optimization” feature for their campaign, the system will distinguish the relationship between a site’s traffic and a campaign’s settings. If the site delivers high quality traffic (e.g. high click rates with unique IP addresses based on the campaigns needs, such as contextual/geo-target settings, it will attempt to send more of the same type of traffic.

eCPM, or effective-CPM, works by dividing the amount spent on the campaign with the amount of impressions it has received. Altogether, this auto-optimization tool will fully automate what used to be a manual process of optimizing your online ads. The process includes reallocation of traffic to ensure premium campaign performance and ROI.

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