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New Feature: Rev Share for Individual Publisher Sites

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Now you can set a higher (or lower) revenue share for each individual publisher site to provide an incentive to premium traffic. To do this, locate the site settings in the admin panel for the particular site, and under the Site Share area, you can increase or decrease the site’s profit share individually. The formula is: (New rate/old rate)x100

For example:
Right now, the common Publisher Share Rate is 50% for all publishers. If one publisher website has really good quality, you may want to increase this publisher profit share to 60%. You will need to set site share % to:
(60/50)x100 = 120%

If one publisher website has poor quality, you may want to decrease this publisher profit share to 40%. You will need to set site share % to:
(40/50)x100 = 80%

We’re periodically providing you with system enhancements to increase efficiency and effectiveness. We would be very grateful if you let us know your feedback. Send us an inquiry at anytime.

Individual Site Share

New Feature – Password Recovery

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Great news! We have implemented a new feature on the Open Media Exchange, the ability to recover lost passwords. Advertisers and publishers who have forgotten their passwords can now click on a link and have their account ID and passwords sent to the email address they have provided when they registered through your system. Do you have a particular feature you would like to see implemented on the system? You can send us an inquiry and our technical team will work hard to provide you with the feature that you need, assuming that it will not interfere with the operations of the entire system.