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eCPM and Campaign Auto-Optimization

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

One highly beneficial tool available to you on MyAdMarket’s ad serving exchange is the campaign Auto-Optimization feature. The system determines traffic quality automatically through eCPM optimization, for example, if an advertiser selects the “auto optimization” feature for their campaign, the system will distinguish the relationship between a site’s traffic and a campaign’s settings. If the site delivers high quality traffic (e.g. high click rates with unique IP addresses based on the campaigns needs, such as contextual/geo-target settings, it will attempt to send more of the same type of traffic.

eCPM, or effective-CPM, works by dividing the amount spent on the campaign with the amount of impressions it has received. Altogether, this auto-optimization tool will fully automate what used to be a manual process of optimizing your online ads. The process includes reallocation of traffic to ensure premium campaign performance and ROI.

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