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Go Digital Advertising Now, Integrate Ad Serving System

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

In traditional advertising, the media buyers buy vehicles through TV commercials, magazines, and print editions. However, this kind of advertising wastes the impressions and do not target to each one.

By digital advertising, the ad is possible to be delivered through Internet ad serving system like MyAdMarket. The giant ad warehouses can dynamically insert most of the ads that we see online into web pages.

The ideas of MyAdMarket Ad Serving System is simple: matching high quality advertising on the level of a unique individual with an absolute minimum of wasted impression. Through MyAdMarket, the ad server can employ different features like (Contextual targeting, behaviour targeting, geotargeting, URL targeting, etc) that the advertiser wants. It can factor in information about the individual user, about different advertisers, or just about anything else desired. It can also optimize ad delivery. The ad server makes a decision and the chosen ad is delivered to the page.

adserving_diagram 23sept2009