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Digital Agencies Have It All Wrong?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

I came across a pretty interesting article this morning, called Digital Agencies Have It All Wrong by John Heenan.

As we are launching our “Ad Management System For Agencies”, this article put the needs of agencies in today’s world, which is exactly what we are offering to agencies.

The article discussed different types of marketing tactics that agencies used such as the importance of online experiences versus the traditional marketing tactics and comparison of the digital to analog world, which is quite interesting and basically goes hand in hand.  In summary, you would need a mixture of tactics from both worlds in order to run a successful marketing campaign.

One point that I agree with the article is that agencies ‘lagged behind the development of new technologies and techniques’ in which is very true. Coming across these kinds of conversations with my agency clients they all agree with this point. Therefore, MyAdMarket just introduced our “Ad Management System For Agencies” in which we are helping agencies cover the development costs of new technologies needed to sell to your informed clients.

The platform is based on a contextual technology so keywords and channels are targeting the right audience.  Additional features include, behavioural targeting, geo-targeting, publisher site targeting and run of network targeting. The platform will also allow you to partner with other networks within the system and as an agency you will be offered exclusive agency rates. We also provide pixel codes so you and your advertisers can monitor and review the performances campaigns and optimize it as necessary. In addition to the many features our system supports, we do have user friendly reports so that monitoring and reviewing campaigns can be done on the go with ease.

We are currently promoting the “Ad Management System For Agencies” at the moment, to review the special offers or learn more feel free to visit