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New feature for XML Feeds

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

We’re excited to announce yet another new feature on our private-label ad management system. Administrators can now configure minimum bid prices for each individual XML Feed. This greatly enhances control and enriches the quality of your feeds. The minimum bid prices can be set through the Admin Menu, under XML Feeds. Adjust the price accordingly to begin filtering out campaigns that don’t meet your minimum standards.


At this time, we would like to introduce a new partner in the Turkey region, Reklam Agaci.


Reklam Agaci provides Turkish Contextual Advertising Program with technical support from Clicksor. Reklam Agaci is an exclusive partner of Clicksor for Turkey. The system is designed to support the Turkish language for the Turkey market.

Publisher Site Quality Control for Network Administrators

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

We’ve released a new feature in the publisher admin panel. There are now three new options where a site’s traffic can be redirected. You can find these options at the site settings page in the admin panel, under ‘Ads Selection.’

The three new options are:

  1. All Ads – This setting will send the site’s traffic to all campaigns in your own network and the campaigns in your partnered networks within the exchange.
  2. Partner Network Ads – This setting will send the site’s traffic only to your partnered networks.
  3. Ads Target This Site Only – This setting will only work with site targeted campaigns. With this option selected, the site’s traffic will not be sent to any keyword or channel targeted campaigns. In other words, this site will not send any traffic unless the network administrator targets this site to specific campaigns. This setting needs to be used with extra caution, as advertisers will not have the ability to target this site because they will not see this site in their campaigns’ reports. You can use this option to directly sell a site’s traffic to a particular campaign.

This enhanced flexibility will help you further optimize the performance of your quality sites. Not to mention, advertisers can also choose where they want their ads to be displayed. Campaigns can be selected to be displayed on one of three options:

  1. Within Network – Distribute ads only on the network’s publisher sites.
  2. Partner Network – Distribute ads on other advertising networks to increase coverage.
  3. All Networks – Distribute ads on publisher sites across all networks.

Note: Currently, all CPA campaigns do not support the ‘traffic network’ feature.

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