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Social Networking – Targeted Marketing Made Possible

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Popular social networking websites, such Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn are changing the face in today’s global marketplace. An online community connects customers, employees, and businesses together and allow marketers to deliver their products and services through effective advertisements. As online communities continue to grow in popularity, more and more companies will look to drive traffic to their websites from these communities. In other words, companies are willing to invest in large online communities because these communities receive an enormous amount of traffic. Communities allow businesses to interact with their most valued customers through innovative technology by enticing participation, and hence effectively deliver ads through common interests.

Each social network employs its own advertising system. They can control which ads to deliver more often, and which ads to deliver less often. Why are they successful? Because Web 2.0 technologies have embraced the World Wide Web revolution by allowing users to interact with each other and receive information through rich media content. How does it work? Online communities utilize ad serving systems to disseminate their information. An ad serving system is a web-based solution that allows people to manage advertisements on websites. The system will optimize the placement of ads with an automated targeting system, based on the content that a visitor is viewing, called contextual targeting. Ads are continuously updated as a site is visited or refreshed by a visitor. One of the most important features of an ad system is its capability to produce real-time reports for traffic analysis to maximize profitability.

Fortunately, can deliver the same type of results. With over 120,000 reputable network partners, our contextual ad serving system will target users by providing them with relevant information relating to your product or service. This concentrated aim will enthusiastically foster your return on your investment dollars because it seeks to connect people’s interests with related ads. Moreover, our sophisticated ad serving solution can instantly tell you everything you need to know about your campaigns. Track successes and adjust your campaigns to ensure optimized results.

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