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What is the difference between ad networks and ad exchanges?

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Many people in the media industry have frequently asked the difference between ad networks and ad exchanges.

An ad network also known as advertising network is an organization that connects publisher websites that would like to display advertisements with advertisers who would like to deliver advertisements. Generally ad networks deliver their inventory through the use of a centralized ad server. The advertising network displays advertisements from an ad server, which responds to a website once a page is called. Large ad networks consist of media companies, technology corporations, and search engines.

Ad exchanges are platforms for buying and selling online inventory commonly known to many as ad impressions. Ad exchanges are extremely useful to buyers and sellers because it enables advertisers, agencies and publishers to buy and sell their ad impressions. MyAdMarket is an ad exchange that consists of more than 10 active ad networks. Some features of the MyAdMarket ad exchange are the wide variety of ad formats to choose from, an auction-like based bidding system for advertisers, click fraud detection and prevention technology, various detailed reporting tools, daily unique IP cap, ROI tracking, contextual targeting, geographical targeting, automated email and payment system.

MyAdMarket – new info posted

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Understanding the whole process of how an ad exchange works can be confusing. We’ve added two more resources on our website to help you better understand the importance of an ad exchange versus an ordinary ad serving system.

Learn about how our system works. If you are already familiar with our system, a refresher won’t hurt you. Visit the following link to see how easy it is to set up a private-label system to help you monetize every single impression in your inventory.

Still unsure of how our open ad exchange works? The exchange is an auction-style bidding system so that you will get max back for your inventory. There’s no need to look for third-party sources to trade off publishers’ remnant inventory. The solution comes pre-built with Advertisers, Publishers, Ad Networks, and Agencies so that you can buy and sell inventories with those using the same platform. Visit the following link to learn more!

Yesup’s Online Services

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

At this time, MyAdMarket would like to introduce some of its other online services offered by its parent company, Yesup eCommerce Solutions. Yesup can help increase revenue for your business and generate more leads, increase traffic to your sites, and convert visitors into customers. Please take a look at the different online services that are offered by our company. You can download the various media kits here:


Join Clicksor’s advertising network so that you can instantly have your ads delivered to the proper audience. Get greater returns on investment with our network. You can also expect great results by joining Clicksor’s publisher network. We make sure you get the most profit from having an excellent site that provides a high number of visitors.


Ever wanted to be a reseller and earn money off your own client? This can be accomplished by joining the profitable Yesup Reseller Program. This easy to use program will help you increase your profit potential. While having control over your client’s campaigns, they can still access their campaigns where ever they are and whatever time they wish to make changes.


A free ad serving solutions available to everyone! Does this sound too good to be true? You can take advantage of our free ad serving offer and start selling off your ad inventory right away. Let our platform work for you, while you monetize on your inventory.


Let Yesup SEO assist you with getting the most traffic for your website. Get ranked high on major well-known search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Having high rank search results can generate higher traffic and in turn greatly increase online conversions, revenues and profits.

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IAB Membership

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009


Special announcement! MyAdMarket joins IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). The IAB consists of top media and technology companies who take up selling most of the online advertising in North America. Plus, the Bureau aides the growth of the interactive advertising marketplace by setting standards and fields important research on interactive advertising.

By joining IAB, MyAdMarket will be able to operate more efficiently as we look to expand our knowledge in the interactive advertising industry with well-developed research for a better business model. With IAB’s expertise, it will help us drive industry research to obtain a maximum value. Visit for more info!

The Role of an Ad Exchange

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Advertising Age talks about a very good analogy relating to the role of an ad exchange. The article states:

“An ad exchange’s best analogy is Wall Street, where buyers and sellers use different brokerage firms (in this case, ad networks) but all trade in a central market (in this case, the ad exchange). Of course, some publishers and advertisers are trading in the exchange directly. Like the stock market’s shares, impressions are priced, bought and sold based on supply and demand… It makes it easier to access inventory that might be otherwise impossible for an advertiser to access, like user-generated content or niche sites that don’t have a relationship with an ad network. And it regulates pricing [because] the value of inventory is based on demand for that inventory.”

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Ad exchanges will continue to play a vital role to networks in providing a medium to buy and sell distressed inventory. An auction based bidding system will greatly enhance the exchange activity because buyers have total control over what they pay.