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Unsold Traffic

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Unsold traffic or otherwise known as unsold inventory is an impression from your publishers’ sites or network partners’ sites that has not been monetized. Our ad system count ads that do not get displayed as unsold traffic. You can utilize your unsold traffic to setup default ads to help promote your own website along with other products or services your company may offer. You can also use your default ads to drive traffic to other websites or blogs as well.

To view the unsold traffic please follow the steps below:
Billing Menu->Network Admin Fee->Network Sales Traffic Report

Below is an example of the total unsold traffic in your ad network:


Another useful resource that can show unsold traffic in greater detail is the Ad Format Traffic Report. You can search for all the different ad sizes that you have on your network so that you can figure out what ad types and sizes your network needs. For instance, if you have a high volume of unsold traffic for full banner ad size then you will need to obtain full banner ads to minimize your unsold traffic.

To view the unsold traffic for a specific ad format please follow the steps below:
Reports Menu->Publisher Traffic Reports->Site Traffic By Ad Format->Select Date and Ad Format

Below is an example of the ad format traffic report: