New Feature Added

Another great feature recently added to our platform is that publishers can now get the IFrame ad code from our system. Please follow the steps listed below if you wish to use IFrame instead of JavaScript.

1. Banner ads in publisher area
2. Login Publisher Panel
3. Click on Get Code
4. Under Action heading click on Get Code button
5. Follow the wizard and enter or select the necessary information.
6. On the last page of the Get Code wizard you will be able to copy and paste the IFRAME Code.

Setting up direct site buys from your own sites in the platform. You can place campaigns only on a select site you prefer. To do this, please follow these steps:
Create a campaign, without selecting any keywords or channels and do not turn on RON After creating the campaign, target the site to the campaign in the admin settings for the campaign.

Next, in the publisher site settings in admin, under the section “Ads Selection” select “Ads target this site only” from the dropdown menu.

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