ROI Tracking and CPA Campaigns – How To

Our ROI tracking tool can be used as a CPA campaign, but you will need to create campaign as a CPC, CPM, CPV, or CPI. The code is generated by the system and can be placed on the conversion page of the campaign. You will need to provide a value amount. The following are the types of codes that can be generated.

Type of conversions you can track for code insertion pages Examples for code insertion pages
Purchase/Sale: track how many users purchased from the campaign The page after the payment is submitted
Signup: track how many users signed up for your service The sign up confirmation page
PageView: track how many times users have landed on a single page The keypage user is landed
Lead: track how many users requested follow-up calls for more information The page after the leading action is performed

As a note, the Campaign must be in active status for this feature to function.

The following are steps on how to setup the ROI tracking.

  • In the Admin Area under Advertiser Area Menu, click onto Search Advertisers/ Campaigns
  • Search for an active campaign
  • Click on campaign ID or Campaign Name
  • Under the campaign info section, click on the View Settings button
  • Once you are at the advertiser admin area click on the settings tab then click on the ROI Tracking button
  • In the ROI Tracking Code section, you can select the Type of conversions you would like to track
  • Then set the value of the conversion
  • Next, click on Generate Code button
  • Once the code has been generated you will need to copy and paste it into the appropriate conversion webpage of the campaign

After the ROI Code is placed it on the conversion page, you will see an ROI conversion report in the reports section of advertiser area. With the ROI tracking tool, you can instantly see whether the campaign was effective, as advertisers are only paying for a certain action, such as a credit card sign up. Every online advertising campaign can be tracked and measured, and Of course, results are always best measured in terms of return on investment. Campaigns that measure clicks and impressions like CPC, CPM, CPV, etc don’t really earn the advertisers any money. Advertisers are not tracking their return on investment, they are merely tracking their expenses. So with the ROI Tracking tool, the advertisers bear no risks, since the advertiser can track those visitors that were converted into customers, and the total value spent on each conversion. The following is an example of the report.


As usual, contact your account managers if you have any additional questions!

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