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Ad Exchange

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Many people in the past have asked, ‘what’s the difference between an ad network, ad serving system, and an ad exchange?’ To simplify this matter, we know that an ad serving system serves ads on websites, monitor clicks, and reports the number of clicks received. An ad network uses an ad serving system to manage its network of advertisers, so that publishers can gain greater access to ad inventory.

An ad exchange connects different ad servers (publisher ad servers, advertiser ad servers, ad network servers, ad agencies) which streamline the buying and selling process, since ad servers can determine information such as how much money an advertiser owes, which publisher sites are generating the most profitable traffic, and so forth. Fundamentally, an ad exchange is an ad server using one centralized system. The exchange is an ecosystem where several ad servers using different ad serving technologies are all integrated into one place. This significantly reduces backend work, since the technology will work across all publishers and advertisers contained within the exchange. The following diagram illustrates a simple ad exchange. MyAdMarket’s advertising exchange connects advertisers and publishers and returns the maximum profit potential for every single impression served on your websites.

Ad Exchange Diagram

Ad Exchange Diagram

Private-Label Ad Serving Solutions Promotion

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

With the current economic turmoil and the frequent layoffs of many large companies, we’d like to offer you your own private-label ad serving solution.  This Christmas, work from home and prosper with our contextual Open Media Exchange platform.  We’re waiving the initial private-label setup fee of $500. An ad management system, customized for you, at no setup costs. Act now – offer is limited.

Ad:Tech New York

Friday, November 7th, 2008

We recently exhibited at the Ad:Tech event in New York, one of the largest online marketing summits in North America.

Clicksor's Booth #605


We were delighted to meet many of you, and we were pleased to present Clicksor’s newly improved products: Search Engine Marketing/Optimization, the Contextual Open Media Exchange platform, and the Reseller program. As usual, our prized-draw was a big hit. Meet our lucky winners!

Touvan Sughiarto, BlackBerry Pearl winner

Touvan Sughiarto, BlackBerry Pearl winner

Christian Russell, Acer mini laptop winner

Christian Russell, Acer mini laptop winner

As well, it’s truly a blessing to be able to interact with other creative professionals within the online marketing industry. The show was a huge success; we made many great contacts. We’d also like to express our sincere gratitude for everyone who stopped by our booth this year.

Upcoming - Ad:Tech Shanghai on November 25 and 26. We’ll keep you posted!