How To Buy Traffic On MyAdMarket Ad Exchange

Are you looking for the most effective and efficient way to open up your campaigns to a new audience base, to increase the traffic volume etc? Then MyAdMarket has the right solution for you! The Ad Exchange is a feature which allows ad buyers like yourself to connect to ad sellers (publishers) in order for you to buy traffic from them. The Ad Exchange [...]

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How To Sell Traffic On MyAdMarket Ad Exchange

Are you looking for the most efficient way to monetizing your traffic? Well MyAdMarket has just the right solution for you! MyAdMarket includes an ad exchange, and with just [...]

VIDEO: How to Fund Campaigns on CPXcenter

Running your own advertising campaigns on CPXcenter? This video will show you how to fund campaigns so that they can start immediately. The 2 Things to Remember When Funding [...]

How to Create a CPA Ad Campaign

Creating CPL and CPA ad campaigns on our system is similar to the process of creating CPM/CPC/CPV campaigns. The only differences are additional steps for tracking the actions [...]

VIDEO: Traffic Quality Index Optimization

Traffic quality index optimization video screenshot
CPXcenter's TQX is the easiest, quickest, and most effective method for increasing ROI. Traffic Quality Index optimization is very simple. Just choose the lowest rating a [...]

How to Block an Affiliate/Site from a Partnered Network

How to Block an Affiliate Network
CPXcenter allows you to easily partner with other ad networks, advertisers, and affiliates with just a few clicks, but some of those partnerships can be a mixed bag in terms [...]

VIDEO: How to Customize and Brand Your Network

Brand your ad network on cpxcenter
Customize the CPXcenter platform to suit your brand by adding your company's logo, and changing the colour of the different member areas. You can also completely control what [...]

Happy Canada Day from the CPXcenter Team!

Canada flag
Hi Everyone! This Friday is Canada Day for us Canadians working at the CPXcenter offices in Toronto. So to all of our Canadian customers and friends, we hope you have a [...]

How to Fund Your Advertising Campaigns on CPXcenter

Fund advertising campaigns on CPXcenter
Just starting out in affiliate marketing? CPXcenter is an affordable platform to build up your network. If you don't have an ad network or a list of advertisers, CPXcenter is [...]

Here’s Our ASE 2016 Contest Winner!

ASE 2016 contest winner
We have our Facebook ASE 2016 contest winner! Thanks to everyone who entered our contest! [...]

Optimize Campaigns with Traffic Quality Scores

How to Optimize with Traffic Quality Scores
CPXcenter's new Traffic Quality Index is an innovative, industry-first feature that gives ad network administrators a clear picture of the quality of their traffic sources. [...]